About CloudKart

The pandemic and quarantines have changed our buying habits, including how we get our household essentials like fresh and frozen products,grocery items and other dry goods. With the new normal, people have turned to different options on how to get their essentials without physically going to the stores and markets themselves. New issues have sprung as a result. First, shoppers cannot personally choose the items that they want to buy. Often, they end up getting the wrong items or items that do not meet their standards. What’s more, many fill up their online carts only to find out that most of the items that they chose are out of stock. Most importantly some, despite their meticulous efforts, still contract the virus because their purchased goods were not properly sanitized and the package was mishandled by delivery personnel.

CloudKart aims to fill these new gaps. We keep our own inventory in our secure and sanitized facility. We have designed our website and mobile app so that all items displayed on our platforms are available and on hand. Customers are assured that after completing the Check Out process, all items that they chose and paid for are sure to be delivered to them.

We guarantee that every item that we dispatch for delivery has been properly cleaned, packed and sealed. We make sure that our products are handled only by our personnel, both in the sanitation facility and during delivery, who are equipped with the proper PPEs and strictly follow our stringent safety and sanitation protocol.

Our products are delivered on the same day they are ordered to ensure quality and freshness. We also utilize in-app notifications as well as SMS updates so that customers always know the status of their orders and deliveries.

As a lot of people have lost their livelihood when the city went into quarantine, we partnered with a cooperative of farmers for our fresh fruits and vegetables supply. Not only are we able to revive their livelihood, but we are also able to ensure fair prices as we deal directly with the farmers. Also by shortening the supply chain, less hands are involved in the transfer of the fresh produce from farm to household. This means less exposure and less chances for contamination and transmission.

CloudKart also works hand-in-hand with a cooperative of displaced motorcycle riders who have lost their jobs during this pandemic. Our delivery riders have been hand-picked and trained according to CloudKart standards to ensure that orders are delivered to every home quickly and safely.

With CloudKart, families can finally have peace of mind knowing that they always have quick, safe , and easy access to their household essentials.